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We're always looking for women with huge all-natural breasts for topless photos

  • Pose topless in front of the camera. You don't have to be completely naked.
  • All women with extraordinarily large breasts are welcome.
  • No experience needed. Just pose on the sofa, in the kitchen, etc.
  • Your age, your weight or your figure does not matter.
  • To feel more comfortable you may hide your eyes behind sunglasses.
  • You'll get EUR 100.- per hour, cash in hand.
  • The photos and videos are published in The Gallery of www.SiliconeFree.com, accessible for members only.
  • You may work on a short-term or long-term basis.
  • Your real name won't appear anywhere. You'll remain completely anonymous.
  • This is a reliable and honest offer. No porn, no dirty stuff.

Frequently asked questions

What's that all about ?
It's only about your big breasts. We take photos of your big breasts and you get money for posing topless in front of our camera. That's all.
What means "big breasts" exactly ?
We can't give you a minimum cup size, as bra sizes differ from country to country. Your breasts should just be extraordinarily large. If you're not sure whether your breasts are large enough please email us a picture (see bottom of this page).
Are you doing pornographic stuff ?
No, not at all. We're only interested in shooting photos of your body, nothing else.
Do I have to take off my clothes completely ?
No. If you want to pose with hips clothed, that's ok. If you like to pose with panties only, that's ok. And if you like to pose fully nude, that's ok too. It's all your decision. For the earnings it doesn't matter whether you pose fully nude or only topless. The money is always the same.
How does a typical photosession look like ? Are there many people hanging around ?
No. There are no other people around. A photosession is done only by you and me (Markus Haenggi). Here's a picture of me. You don't need to be alone, if you feel better you can be accompanied by a friend, of course. And besides, it's great fun to get photographed.
You're constantly speaking of "We", so who is "We" ?
"We" actually is only me, Markus Haenggi. I'm using the term "We" to avoid any confusion with the term "I", which means you, the model.
Do I have to show my face ?
Yes, please. We can't use photos with masked or blurred faces (we did that in the beginning but got many negative feedbacks). So your face must be visible. At least, you might use dark sunglasses, if you like.
I don't think I'm a model. I'm chubby.
Being chubby is great. Our members do love chubby women (for instance see our model "Kati", who is very chubby). Please don't hesitate to contact us, even if you think you are too chubby. You probably won't believe it, but personally we think that chubby women look much sexier than skinny ones.
Where are the photos taken ? Do I need to travel ?
You don't need to travel at all. If you're living in Europe, we will travel to you and shoot the photos at your location, e.g. in your apartment. We're travelling with a motorhome, therefore we are very flexible and can do photosessions whenever you like. We are living in Switzerland, so we can drive to any point in Europe.
I'm living in the USA. Any chance to do a photosession ?
If you're living outside of Europe we can't travel to you to do a photosession. But if you have a friend with a digital camera you can shoot the photos yourself and sell them to us. Please check out our Pictures Wanted page for more informations.
Do you film videos ?
Yes. Videos are much appreciated. If you agreee we'll not only shoot photos but also film short videos. Don't worry, you don't need to be an actor and you don't need to speak any text. You're just doing some everyday work (like working in the kitchen, cleaning dust, setting the table, walking around, etc) while we are filming you.
Where are the photos and videos published ? Do you sell them to other websites ?
The photos and videos will be published in The Gallery (the members area) of this website (www.SiliconeFree.com). The Gallery is accessible only for members. We do not sell the photos and videos to other websites. They remain in the property of SiliconeFree.com.
What about the money ?
During the photosession you get EUR 100.- per hour, cash in hand. So in one afternoon (4 hours) you earn EUR 400.-. A typical photosession consists of several afternoons, so you earn EUR 1200.- when we visit you for three afternoons. Of course we can shoot the photos at any time of the day, it doesn't have to be an afternoon. We can do some hours in the morning or evening or anytime you like.
If you like we'll visit you later again for a new photosession. It's all your decision, you can work on a short-term or long-term basis.
Do I need to sign a contract ? Do I commit myself to anything ?
No, you don't commit yourself to anything. You don't need to sign any contract. You're just posing in front of our camera and you're getting money in cash, that's it. Our collaboration is based on mutual trust.
My question isn't answered here
Contact us. We're looking forward to your request.

I'm interested in modelling. What must I do now ?

First of all, please send a topless picture to judge your breast size. For the picture please...

  • Stand upright with arms hanging down.
  • Let the breasts hang freely.
  • The upper body should be naked.
  • The picture should show your body from neck to hips (no close-ups).
  • You can omit your head, if you like.
  • Here's an example of a good picture to judge breast size. The quality of the picture doesn't matter. For instance you might shoot yourself in the mirror with your mobile phone's camera.

Please send the picture by email. We'll take a look and email you back. If we think that your breasts are too small we'll delete your email including the picture and we'll never contact you again. This means, you can submit your picture anonymously.

If your breasts are big enough we'll talk later by email about further details (your address, date of visit and so on).

I'm still not sure

Maybe a quote from our model Karola will help:

"Why not making money with my large breasts ? After all, it's only about showing some skin!"