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Pictures wanted

Do you know a woman with huge breasts ? Maybe your wife, a friend or a workmate.

Take pictures of her and sell them to us. You can earn serious money.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to take and sell photos ?
You only need a digital camera with at least 6 Megapixels.
How much do I get for my photos ?
You'll get USD 2.00 per usable photo (USD = US Dollar).
What do I need to film and sell videos ?
You need a camera which films in 1920 x 1080 50i/50p/60i/60p, this means Full HD videos with at least 50 frames per second interlaced or progressive.
How much do I get for my videos ?
You'll get USD 100.00 per 10 minutes of usable video.
Who owns the copyright ?
Since you're the photographer you're keeping all rights on your photos and videos. This means you may sell them to other websites as well, or do anything you like. By paying you we are only purchasing the right to use your photos and videos in any way, not to own them.
Must the model's face be visible ?
Yes. Your model must pose with visible face. We can't use pictures with masked or blurred faces. Dark sunglasses are acceptable.
How many photos do I need to send ?
You can send photos anytime and as many as you like. There's no maximum number of photos. Just shoot photos whenever you've got time and fun to do it. After you've sent a bunch of photos, we'll tell you how many are usable and we'll send you the money.
In the first photo shoot please take only 100 to 200 photos, so we have a chance to improve some potential photographic mistakes (just in case).
How do I send the photos ?
The most convenient way is to send the photos via FTP. If FTP is not possible send the photos on USB Stick (we'll send the stick back or send it first) or on DVD-R. As a last option you might send the photos as email attachements (one photo per email), that's a bit tedious though.
How do I get the money ?
You'll get the money right after you've sent the photos. You don't need to wait until your photos actually appear on www.SiliconeFree.com. If you send let's say 200 usable photos you'll get USD 400.00 within a couple of days.
We can send the money either via Western Union, or cash in an envelope (for small amounts), or transfer it to your bank account. Just let us know what you prefer. We are paying all transfer fees.
What if I also have to pay the model ?
You can offer your models whatever you think is appropriate (we are paying our models USD 100.00 per hour). For instance if you do a 4 hours photo shoot and you film let's say 40 minutes of usable video plus 200 usable photos you'll get USD 800.00 from us, so you can pay USD 400.00 to the model and still earn USD 400.00
My question isn't answered here
Contact us. We're looking forward to your request.

I'm interested in selling photos and videos. What must I do now ?

1. Send a picture to judge your model's breast size

First of all, please send a topless picture of your model to judge her breast size. For the picture please have the model...

  • Stand upright with arms hanging down.
  • Let the breasts hang freely.
  • The upper body should be naked.
  • The picture should show her body from neck to hips (no close-ups).
  • You may omit her head, if you like.
  • Here's an example of a good picture to judge breast size. The quality of the picture doesn't matter.

Please send the picture by email. We'll take a look and email you back. If the breasts are too small we'll delete your email including the picture. This means, you can submit your picture anonymously.

If the breasts are big enough do the following:

2. Read the photo requirements

That's very important. If you don't follow the photo requirements we can't use your photos. Please thoroughly read the photo requirements here.

3. Read the video requirements

That's very important. If you don't follow the video requirements we can't use your videos. Please thoroughly read the video requirements here.