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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How will my membership appear on my credit card bill ?
Your membership will appear very discreetly on your credit card statement as CCBill. There are no suspicious terms like sex, erotic, SiliconeFree or anything else.
I have no credit card. How can I become a member ?
If you are living in the USA you can also join by Online Check or by Telephone Billing, see our Join page.
Who is handling the payments ?
The payments by Credit Card, Online Check and Telephone Billing are handled by CCBill, a worldwide leader in online payments.
Which credit cards do you accept ?
CCBill accepts VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, VISA Electron, VISA Carte Bleu.
Why don't you accept American Express credit card ?
We'd love to accept American Express, but in May 2000 American Express pulled the plug on its support of the adult Internet by eliminating its relationship with all adult websites. Claiming adult websites are "unprofitable" for them, they are choosing to no longer allow adult websites to accept payment using American Express cards.
Can I become a member for longer than one month ?
Yes, by choosing the recurrent membership. The recurrent membership renews automatically each month, i.e. you don't have to do anything to continue your membership. You can cancel your recurrent membership anytime.
Will I get any sort of email after joining ?
After joining you'll only get a confirmation email (indicating your membership informations). You will not get any other emails from us. We don't give out your email address to anybody else. Your membership is held strictly confidential.
Will I get any sort of mail (e.g. letters) or phone calls after joining ?
Absolutely no. Your address is held strictly confidential.
How often is your gallery updated with new photos or movies ?
At every third day. You may check out our News page for all updates.
Do you sell videos ?
Yes. See the SiliconeFree Shop.