Join by Cash

How It Works

Mail the subscription fee in cash (banknotes) in an envelope, like a normal letter. As soon as your money has arrived we'll send you a confirmation email with your username and password and your subscription starts.

This works fine from any country because nobody assumes cash in a normal looking envelope. Moreover you may remain completely anonymous as all we need is your email address, not your real address.


If you join by cash you can choose only between a 3 months and a 12 months one-time subscription. Anything else would be too complicated.

3 Months Subscription
costs 20 USD, or 20 EUR, or 15 GBP, or 20 CHF
12 Months Subscription
costs 40 USD, or 40 EUR, or 30 GBP, or 40 CHF

If you can't send US Dollar (USD), nor Euro (EUR), nor British Pound (GBP), nor Swiss Francs (CHF), just use your own local currency and calculate the amount roughly. We're not pedantic and we're accepting all currencies.

Please send only banknotes (paper money). Don't send coins, don't send money orders, don't send bank drafts, don't send checks or similar things.

Pay Here

Please send the money in an envelope to the following address:


We recommend to stamp the envelope normally, like a private letter. Don't stamp it as a consignment of valuables (registered mail, insured letter). Normal letters won't get stolen, but insured letters will.

Important: Tell us your email address

We need your email address to send our confirmation email to you, containing your username and your password.

Write your email address into the envelope. Please write it all upper-case, this helps us to read it properly, so for instance TARZAN@HOTMAIL.COM. Of course you can send us a separate email at, so we'll automatically get to know your email address.

Your Privacy Is Protected

We don't collect any data. We don't sell any data. We don't send unsolicited emails nor SMS. We don't call. You won't hear anything from us.

All we do is sending you a confirmation email (with your username and password) after we have received your money.

Please Don't Share Your Access Data

As a member you'll get a username and a password. Please keep all these data private, especially your password. It's your personal password. Don't share it with others. Never.

If your password gets shared and suddenly used by hundreds (or even thousands) of people our server will crash and will be down. And we will need to remove this password. There are many fans of women with huge boobs and girls with gigantic breasts who are constantly testing any available password.