Informations About The "Movies On USB Stick"

What's These "Movies On USB Stick" Exactly?

  • Each movie is a video in the universal H.264/mp4 format. It's playable on any PC and literally on any HD TV.
  • Each movie runs eight to ten minutes and it's file size is 1 GByte.
  • Each movie is encoded in the highest possible quality and therefore doesn't differ from the original footage.

Prices For The "Movies On USB Stick"

  US Dollars Euro British Pounds Total Run Time
Delivered on
8 movies cost $ 10.00 9,00 £ 6.00 1.25 h 8 GB USB stick
16 movies cost $ 13.00 11,00 £ 8.00 2.5 h 16 GB USB stick
32 movies cost $ 18.00 16,00 £ 12.00 5 h 32 GB USB stick
64 movies cost $ 30.00 25,00 £ 19.00 10 h 64 GB USB stick
128 movies cost $ 52.00 45,00 £ 33.00 20 h 128 GB USB stick

Please note: The USB stick is included in the price. Free shipping worldwide. The USB stick is sent like a private letter, therefore there will be no additional costs.

After submitting your order you'll get a confirmation email indicating the exact amount in your local currency (if your local currency is different from US Dollars, EURO or British Pounds).

Why Delivering The Movies On A USB Stick?

Because you don't need a computer. The movies can be watched directly on a HD TV. Just plug the USB stick into your HD TV and enjoy. Nowadays many people don't have a computer anymore but a smartphone and a large HD TV.

If you have a computer you don't need to spend hours for downloading Gigabytes of movies. Just plug the USB stick into your PC and immediately enjoy the movies..