How To Pay?

We can accept payment in advance only as our movies and DVDs are tightly priced, please bear with us.

To send the money please use one of the following modes of payment:


Sending the money via PayPal is completely free of charge. We are paying all fees. Just send the amount listed on the price table. If you don't know PayPal yet, please visit for more informations.

Send The Money To Our PayPal Account:

Bank Transfer

Transfer the money to our bank account located in Switzerland, Europe. Depending on your country and your bank additional fees may apply.

Important: If you live in Europe please use a so-called SEPA payment (SEPA = Single Euro Payment Area). Some banks offer a SEPA payment to Switzerland free of charge, other banks charge up to 10 EURO. Please ask your bank about their fee for a SEPA payment to Switzerland. To initiate a SEPA payment you only have to indicate our IBAN und our SWIFT/BIC and the currency must be in EURO.

Our Bank Account:
IBAN: CH44 0840 1000 0599 1846 2
Name And Address Of Our Bank: Migros Bank, 8010 Zuerich, Switzerland
BLZ/BC-No/Clearing-No: 8401
Our Bank Account Number: 599.184.62
Account Owner: Markus Haenggi, 3268 Lobsigen, Switzerland

Cash In An Envolope

We accept all currencies, so just send your local money. If your currency is different from those on the price list please await our order confirmation by email which will indicate the exact amount in your local currency. Put the money in cash in an envelope and send it by normal mail to our address. Please do not send checks and do not send money orders.

Important: Indicate your address, otherwise we don't know which order this money belongs to. We recommend to send the envelope by normal mail. Do not declare it as a consignment of valuables (registered mail, insured letter). Normal letters won't get stolen, but insured letters will.

Send The Envelope To Our Address:

Pay To Swiss Post Account (Swiss Residents Only)

If you are living in Switzerland you can transfer the money to our Swiss Post Account. Do it online or at the post office with a red deposit slip.

Our Swiss Post Account:
Post Account Number: 30-76973-8
Post Account Owner: Markus Hänggi, 3268 Lobsigen