Help And FAQ


How do I order movies? I don't see any Shopping Cart button.
To order movies or DVDs, please click on Order Forms in the menu above.

Technical Stuff

Windows Media Player (WMP) doesn't play the movies
Our movies are .mp4 files, encoded with H.264. Unfortunately WMP doesn't support this format. To play our movies on a PC we recommend the free VLC Media Player.

Questions About The DVD

Why are the DVDs so inexpensive?
We've manufactured 1000 to 2000 items per DVD, but so far we've sold only a few. It seems that nobody is interested in DVDs anymore. In order to avoid a large unused stock of DVDs we are now selling the DVDs at net cost price.
Will the DVD play in any player?
Yes. Our DVDs are regular industrially manufactured DVD-Videos and will play in any DVD player. Our DVDs are NOT self-burned DVD-R.

Questions About The Movies On USB Stick

Can I test the movies before buying them?
Yes. Just use these test movies.
What's the format of the USB stick?
It's formatted as FAT 32 (Windows File System).