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What's FTP ?

FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol". With FTP you can easily transfer any files from your PC to our server just by dragging them from one window to another.

The FTP Client

First of all you need to install a so-called FTP Client on your PC. The FTP Client is the application which handles the FTP transfer.

There are many free FTP clients for Windows available. We recommend Core FTP LE or FileZilla.

Send files via FTP

Let us know that you want to use FTP and we'll create your FTP account on our server. We'll email you a FTP username and a FTP password so you can login to your FTP account.

To login start your FTP Client and say New Connection with the following settings:

  • FTP Hostname: ftp.markushaenggi.com
  • FTP User ID: the username that we've emailed you
  • FTP Password: the password that we've emailed you
  • Passiv Mode: ON. Make sure that the so-called Passive Mode (PASV) is switched on.

After successful login you are directly located in your personal directory on our server where you can place your files. You can do anything in your personal directory, i.e. upload/download/delete files or create/delete directories.

To transfer your files just drag and drop them to your personal directory window.