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Become a member and you can watch the photos in a slideshow on your FullHD TV, tablet or smartphone

About the slideshow

The slideshow is available in four sizes. Select the size according to your device:

1920 x 1080
The 1920 x 1080 slideshow is suitable for newest tablets or FullHD TVs with internet connection
1024 x 768
The 1024 x 768 slideshow is suitable for newer tablets (e.g. Apple iPad 2)
800 x 600
The 800 x 600 slideshow is suitable for older tablets (e.g. Apple iPad) and newer smartphones (e.g. Apple iPhone 4)
640 x 480
The 640 x 480 slideshow is suitable for older smartphones (e.g. Apple iPhone 3G)

The slideshow basically is a H.264/.mp4 video. If your device can play H.264/.mp4 videos the slideshow will work. There are no special plug-ins needed.