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Join by Cash

Mail the money in cash in an envelope. This works no matter where you're living. You can remain anonymous as you only have to indicate your email address. You'll get your membership as soon as your envelope has arrived (usually within several business days, depends on the mailing route).

Membership prices for various countries and durations

US Dollar Euro British Pounds Swiss Francs Danish Krone Swedish Krona Canadian Dollar Australian Dollar Japanese Yen
1 month: 25 20 15 20 150 170 25 25 2000
3 months: 40 30 25 40 250 270 40 40 3000
6 months: 60 45 40 60 350 400 60 60 4700
12 months:90 70 60 90 550 600 90 90 7000

If your currency isn't listed in the table above, please convert the price in US Dollars to your own currency. Round off the converted amount so you can send it easily in banknotes (no coins). If you're not sure about the price just ask us.

Follow these 4 steps to purchase your membership

Step 1: Put the money into an envelope.
We're accepting any currency, so just use your own currency. Please send paper money only, no checks, no money orders. Determine the amount based on the table above.
Step 2: Write your Email Address on or into the envelope.
That's very important because we'll send your username/password to this Email Address. Please write clearly. If you want to remain anonymous just omit your postal address. We only need your Email Address.
Step 3: Send the envelope by normal mail to
We recommend to send the envelope as a normal letter. Don't send it as a consignment of valuables (registered mail, insured letter). Normal letters won't get stolen, but insured letters will.
Step 4: Wait for our email.
As soon as we've received your money we'll email you a username and a password to access The Gallery. Guaranteed.

Terms and conditions

  • As a member you get a Subscription ID, a username and a password. These informations are strictly personal and may not be given out to any other person.
  • As a member you must comply with our Copyright Terms.
  • In case of fraud (e.g. password sharing, copyright infringement) Siliconefree.com may suspend your membership at any time.