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Join by Bank Transfer

Transfer the money to our bank account (located in Switzerland, Europe). Please note that bank fees may apply for international transfers. You'll get your membership immediately after the money has arrived on our bank account (usually takes a couple of business days).

Membership prices for various currencies and durations

US Dollar Euro British Pounds Swiss Francs
1 month: 25 20 15 20
3 months: 40 30 25 40
6 months: 60 45 40 60
12 months:90 70 60 90

Follow these 4 steps to purchase your membership

Step 1: Select your membership.
Determine the amount of money based on the table above. Please use one of these four currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF). If you're living in Europe you must use EURO in order to initiate a SEPA payment.
Step 2: Here are our bank details:
IBAN: CH44 0840 1000 0599 1846 2
Our bank: Migros Bank, 8010 Zuerich, Switzerland
BLZ/BC-Nr/Clearing-Nr: 8401
Our account number: 599.184.62
Account owner: Markus Haenggi, 3268 Lobsigen, Switzerland
Important: If you're living in Europe please use a so-called SEPA payment (SEPA = Single Euro Payment Area). Some banks offer a SEPA payment to Switzerland free of charge, other banks charge up to 10 EURO. Please ask your bank about their fee for a SEPA payment to Switzerland. To initiate a SEPA payment you only have to indicate our IBAN und our SWIFT/BIC and the currency must be in EURO.
Step 3: Indicate your email address on the payment form.
That's very important. We need to know your email address to send your username/password. Please indicate your email address in the message field of the payment form. If the form doesn't accept the @ sign please write (at). So for instance write johndoe(at)hotmail.com.
If the payment form doesn't accept any kind of message just send us a separate email at info@siliconefree.com in order to get your email address.
Step 4: Transfer the money and wait for our email.
As soon as we've received your money we'll email you a username and a password to access The Gallery. Guaranteed.
If you don't get a response from us within a reasonable time most likely your email address hasn't been readable on the payment form. In that case please send us a short email at info@siliconefree.com so we get to know your correct email address.

Terms and conditions

  • As a member you get a Subscription ID, a username and a password. These informations are strictly personal and may not be given out to any other person.
  • As a member you must comply with our Copyright Terms.
  • In case of fraud (e.g. password sharing, copyright infringement) Siliconefree.com may suspend your membership at any time.